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10 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet to Enhance Your Company’s Image

You don’t have to host celebrities for a red carpet event. You can also use a red carpet to inject fun and interest into your next company gathering. The same vibrant carpet can be used for charity galas, year-end Christmas parties, and various kinds of awards ceremonies.

To ensure that your event is successful, you need to follow the steps below. Doing so will give you a party-planning advantage and make your next function even more memorable.

  1. Find a location where you have sole use of the facility.

To create a sense of exclusivity, make sure that you have sole use of the site where you plan to host your party. You don’t want to share the venue’s entrance with other people. Make the event your own by removing these types of distractions.

  1. Add the “wow” factor to the event’s entrance.

By scheduling a red carpet hire in Melbourne, you will give your party added excitement. Make sure that the carpet is wide enough for mingling while entering the site. To make it even more special, add some gobos and spotlights for a theatrical effect.

  1. Don’t forget those photo opportunities.

Arrange to have a photographer take pictures of the people arriving at the event. Also, you might schedule interviews with some of the guests entering the complex.

  1. Include a media wall.

Including a media wall is essential if you want to make the most of hiring a professional photographer. Make sure that everyone has an opportunity to get a photo of the experience. The addition of the wall is also good for business.

  1. Give the venue a celebratory atmosphere with a live band or DJ-hosted music.

You certainly cannot have a red carpet music without an accompaniment or a festive playlist of songs. No party is complete without this important element.

  1. Offer champers or cocktails when the guests arrive.

Don’t neglect the thirst of your guests. Make sure that they receive a glass of champagne or a nicely mixed cocktail when they arrive.

  1. Don’t forget the canapes.

You also want to give guests quality food selections; serve hors d’oeuvres to the arriving guests.

  1. Establish the dress code.

Before you send out invites, you will need to establish a dress code. You can make things fun and silly by requiring that guests come as their favourite actors or actresses or make the gala a black-tie affair where men wear tuxedos and women don upscale sparkly gowns.

  1. Don’t forget the stanchions and ropes.

Add ropes made of red velvet attached to stanchions along the carpeting.

  1. Add cut-outs, streamers, ribbons, and/or balloons

Don’t forget the helium balloons in the shapes of stars or other festive designs and ribbons and streamers. If applicable, you might also consider adding a cut-out of the person being honoured at your event.

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