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 5 Home Improvements That Are Guaranteed to Boost the Value of your Property

We all love to make improvements to our home, and some improvements will increase the value of your property more than others. When looking at a project, it isn’t only the added comfort that we are seeking, as increasing the property value makes for a wiser investment, and with that in mind, here are a few improvements that will definitely see your home rise in value.

  1. Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation – These communal rooms need to be both attractive and very functional, and with bathroom renovations, using the best quality materials in essential. A fully fitted kitchen is never going to be a cheap project, but once it is completed, you can expect to see a significant rise in the value of your home. There are specialist companies that only work on kitchen & bathroom renovations, and they are the people to approach when looking for a revamp.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen – Fortunately, we have great summers in Australia, and even the winters are mild when compared to Europe and the US, which is an ideal environment for an outdoor kitchen. Stainless steel, custom made cabinets that are designed to fit your terrace perfectly will really make a big difference, especially when you entertain. Fitting a retractable roofing system gives you all the shade and protection that you need, and there is a stunning range of decks and pergolas to complete the look. With the right screening, the kitchen can be used all year round, and when valuing the property, an outdoor kitchen is a very big plus!

  1. Loft or Garage Conversion – The most affordable way to expand on your living space, converting your loft or garage is very affordable when compared to a traditional bricks and mortar extension and having an extra bedroom with its own en-suite bathroom will add thousands of dollars to the value of your home.

  1. Summer House – A stand-alone timber log cabin style summer house is another cost-effective way to have some additional living space, and there are companies that make such modular homes specifically to the customer’s specifications. This will be a major feature of your home, which would be reflected in the additional value.

  1. Solid Timber Floors – Another costly project that will add considerable value to the property, and with luxury vinyl in the bathroom that matches the timber floors, you can transform the interior of your home. Engineered timber is a lot cheaper, yet you still have the look and feel of real wood, and the flooring will last many years.

Of course, we can’t carry out such improvements straight away, but over the course of a few years, you can gradually improve your home, while also adding value at the same time. Using quality materials will ensure that the improvements stand the test of time, and there are very affordable home improvement specialists who give very good value for money.


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