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Different types of propane gas tanks

Propane gas is used in many houses for stoves, water heater a, generators, welding equipment, and grills. Propane gas is a type of alkaline gas that is usually compressed to transform into liquid form then bottled into metal cylinders. Despite the fact that propane can be potentially dangerous, transporting, storing, and using it is possible as long as safety is measured. They are also usually safe when stored in containers and tanks. Given the fact that propane has numerous uses, there are different types of propane containers, and we’ll be looking at these differences in this guide.

Single use propane containers

Single use propane cylinders usually have just enough for one use such as fuel and grills. Since this is a one-time use tank, it is usually discarded once used and even though it is light it is not durable compared to other tanks. One of the major benefits of a single-use cylinder is its portability.

Refillable propane tanks

These are the most common types of propane tanks and they are usually used in homes for stoves and heating systems. The cylinders are usually made from sturdy and thick metal material that are designed to prevent any kind of leaks and withstand rigorous use and hauling.

Acme valve propane tanks

One of the main reasons why people would prefer acme valves is the presence of the external threads known as acme threads. These propane tanks tend to be bulky compared to refillable propane tanks. However, they are easier to use when it comes to being connected to the grill hose. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a wrench when connecting them. These kind of tanks also come with in-built safety features that prevent leakages.

POL valves propane cylinders

Propane tanks that feature POL valves are not as commonly used because these are less safe compared to the most common ones in the market. The problem with POL valves is the fact that they need to be turned after every use in order to prevent leakages. They usually need to be tightly screwed with a plug in order to prevent gas leakages.

OPD valves propane tanks

OPD, which stands for overfill prevention device comes with three hand wheels. If you have this kind of valve on a propane gas tank, it is a good choice, but the tank is required to hold for 240 pounds of propane gas. The tanks also come with safety features that will monitor the amount of liquefied gas filled in the container.

20-pound propane cylinders

Most of these propane tanks are used in camping, grilling as well as RV travel. They come with 20 pounds of gas, comparative to 4 gallons of gas and they must use OPD valves.

100-pound propane cylinders

These cylinders usually contained approximately 23 gallons of gas and most of the time they’re used in homes for cooking or heating applications. These cylinders don’t necessarily require OPD valve.

420-pound propane cylinders

These cylinders are also known as jugs, and they come with for 20 pounds of gas, which is equivalent to 120 gallons of gas. Given their size, they are also suitable for home use. Transportation and use of the cylinders is usually highly regulated, but they should not be used indoors. Actually, the they need to be stored in a separate building for safety purposes.

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