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Five Awesome Benefits of Composite Decking

Building a deck is one of the best ways to improve the appeal of your home and add value to it. A well-built deck ensures you have a perfect place for outdoor gatherings, family barbecues, and casual relaxation. You can get the most out of your deck when you choose composite decking.

Fiberon decking that uses composites is composed of recyclable components such as plastic, wood fibers, and others. It has become a famous alternative to wood decking. You can find them in various colors, grains, patterns, and textures. There are many reasons why homeowners prefer this kind of deck. They include the following:

They are Resistant to Mold, Weather, and Pest

Conventional pressure-treated wooden decks are made with pesticides and toxic chemicals to protect them against mold, insects, and the elements. Over time, these chemicals can leach into the soil. But, composite decking isn’t treated with any chemicals. Because they are infused with plastic, they are more resistant to the effects of harsh weather conditions, mold, and pests.

They Require Little Maintenance

Cleaning composite decking is fairly easy and maintaining them just involves using water and soap. You don’t have to use power washers, sanders and other equipment to maintain the look of your deck. Also, composite decking does not require periodic treatments of paint, finish, and other chemicals usually used for treating wood decks.

They are Durable

Because composite decks are protected from the elements, mold, and pests, they are more durable than their wooden counterparts. Also, they do not fade, scratch, splinter, or crack, substantially prolonging their lifespan.

They Add Value to your Home

Building a new deck or upgrading your current deck to a composite deck can add value your home and improve its appeal to possible buyers when it is time to sell. Your initial investment with composite decks will save you money in the long run because it lasts longer.

They are Friendly to the Environment

Because composite decks are composed of recycled materials and free of harmful chemicals usually used in building and maintaining wooden decks, they offer a range of benefits to the environment.

Composite decks have a mix of waste wood fibers like sawdust and recycled plastics which range from sandwich and grocery bags, to discarded laundry detergent bottles. This decking option prevents wood and plastics to end up in landfills. Also, it saves trees from being chopped down and used for building new decks.

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