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How to Choose a Paver Material for Your Project

If you have decided to use pavers for your next patio or driveway project, the next thing you will need to do is decide on which pavers to use. There is a beautiful variety of pavers available these days, and they all have their characteristics. They are made from different materials and have different looks. Some are elegant, some are rustic, and others are just interesting to look at.

  • Brick: Bricks can be an excellent choice. Bricks are often available second-hand, and they are convenient, and they can be used for lovely patterning too. But they are small and require more skill to make them even and uniform
  • Ceramic and Porcelain: By far the most luxurious of the paving materials. They are as durable under compression as concrete but can be damaged through chipping. Ceramic can give effects that emulate floor tiles, stone, or wood, plus various other patterns.
  • Stone: This is the original paving material, and the Romans proved how excellent it is for paving. Stone can come in different shapes and colours, but it is usually one of the more expensive options if it is naturally sourced. Stone is the most natural-looking paver material there is.
  • Concrete: Concrete pavers are usually the least expensive, except for second-hand brick. But they are an excellent product. You can source pavers in Torbay through an internet search. Concrete pavers come in many shapes; they are durable, replaceable, and easy to install.

A little searching through the internet and landscaping magazines will help you choose the style of paver you like the best. Most pavers are of good quality, so you should consider your budget and design when deciding.

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