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Special Tips for Restoring your Retro Dining Table to Top Condition

When you install vintage furniture in the house, they create a unique sense of style and sophistication. If you match the table with unique classic wall art and select the theme appropriately, your dining space will make the entire house an irresistible paradise. However, the vintage charm can easily fade off if the table is not maintained properly. This post is a demonstration of how to restore the table’s original glory.

Cleaning the Chromes of the Retro Dining Table

If your retro dining table has accumulated dust on the chromes, the secret to restoring the shiny appearance is clearing it without scratching the surfaces. If the table is in fairly good condition, cleaning will be as easy as using cheesecloth soaked in mild detergent. The rusty cover will be absorbed by the soft cloth to restore the table’s impressive outlook.

If the corrosion on the rustic dining table is stubborn, do not scratch it out using a sharp object. Instead, you should use a piece of aluminium foil to rub it away gently. For better results, consider dipping the foil in vinegar. Remember to protect the table from getting more rust after restoring the lovely shiny look.

Re-amalgamate the Retro Dining Table

The finish on your rustic dining table can develop scratches and cracks that make the surface appear dull. The simplest method of repairing the damaged finish is re-amalgamation. This involves using a solvent such as denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner.

First, clean the table surface and let it dry in a shade. Then, apply the denatured solvent using a soft brush. Make sure to work quickly because the alcohol evaporates fast. Then, buff the surface lightly using steel wool and working along the grain. To get an extra shiny outlook, apply some hard paste wax.

Refinishing Retro Dining Table Formica

Some classic dining tables feature laminate or Formica tops. To restore these tops, it is advisable to use epoxy to loosen or peel the laminate. Then, use a laminate kit to fill small chips on the Formica or mask them with crayons of matching colours.

To restore the shiny outlook of the laminate, you should clean it with recommended cleaners. A good example is lemon oil. If the damage on the laminate is too much, consider adding a new layer on top. In such a case, you need to clean the surface of the laminate, roughen with sandpaper, and apply adhesive before placing the new laminate. Make sure to roll it carefully to avoid trapping air bubbles.

Repaint the Retro Dining Table

If your shabby chic dining table has lost its appeal because of the faded colours, it is time to get down and repaint it. If the table is used outdoors, you might need to repaint it regularly to maintain its attractiveness. Here is the process to follow to repaint your retro dining table:

  • Start by prepping the table.

One thing you need to appreciate is that you cannot simply slap a new coat of paint on the furniture because it will start peeling off in a few days. Therefore, you need to clean the table well to clear the dirt and greases that might have settled on it.

  • Sand the table to remove the previous finish.

The previous furnish should be removed completely so that a new layer can hold. You should use sand to force the finish off. Note that since you are repainting; simply stripe the finish slightly as opposed to clearing it completely down to the bare wood.  Then, clean the table again.

  • Apply a Layer of Primer

Once the table is dry, apply a layer of primer that will help the paint to adhere to the piece more effectively. It also helps to cover wood discoloration. Consider oil-based primers for better results.

  • Apply the Paint on the Surface and Protect it with a Finish

Once the primer dries off, you can start painting your rustic dining table. Remember that paint should be applied in several coats of thin layers until the lovely deep and attractive outlook is achieved. Then, leave the table to dry for about 24 hours and apply a protective finish.

When you realize that the rustic dining table has lost its appeal, do not simply throw it away. You can use the above guide to restore it into the best condition.

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