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The Best Guide to Buying Midcentury Modern Outdoor Furniture

Most homeowners consider outdoor furniture as temporary pieces that they replace every few years.  But, a lot of these pieces have been able to hold up through the years and collectors start to notice some manufacturers, styles, or lines they find appealing.

Midcentury modern decor continues to have a moment. But, despite being sleek and timeless, this style can monopolize a room if not carried out with care. Prices for mid century modern patio furniture vary. But, you can score a deal on a more high-end piece through big e-commerce websites. Just do your research and be vigilant so that you can find something valuable you love.

Identifying Midcentury Furniture?

Identifying midcentury pieces can be hard. They function very well due to their simplicity and fine craftsmanship. However, you can look for obvious clues like hardware or peg legs. Also, authentic midcentury pieces are usually made in Denmark, the United States, Italy, Japan, and Yugoslavia.

Authentic midcentury pieces have distinct characteristics such as:

  • Exaggerated colors and lines. Mid-century modern furniture shops had pieces that exemplify the period’s unique color combinations. Usually, designers combined bright primary colors with sharp body lines for a more eccentric look. Some played with the contrast of blues, reds, and yellows to make the furniture stand out in any room.
  • Manufacturers. During the midcentury modern period, there were some prevalent mainstream manufactures of furniture. Typically, the designers often stamped their products on the inside of cabinets and drawers or on the bottom of chairs. As you examine furniture online, find photos of the stamp to see if it matches up with its maker. Keep in mind that contemporary replicas can also be stamped but, you must research whether the furniture is an original or replica.

Using Midcentury Furniture

If you want to incorporate midcentury pieces into your home for the first time, start with any pieces that space doesn’t have. By building piece by piece, you can create a unique space. Think about mixing midcentury furniture with pieces from other periods. Midcentury furniture has a timeless look that blends well with other kinds of home decor.

Understand the midcentury modern style’s features and look for pieces that echo this. A lot of people have adapted and copied iconic pieces from this era. Thus, you can be sure to find pieces that fit your lifestyle needs and budget. But, because nothing beats the original and collector’s pieces, you should be willing to pay more for them.

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