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Tips To Find The Best Window Installers In Oxfordshire

Are your windows and doors looking a bit tired? Are you looking to replace your existing windows and doors? Want to improve how your house looks to your neighbours? If the answer to all these questions is yes, please read on for valuable information about sourcing new windows or doors and the different options available to you. Windows are manufactured in several materials, and a wealth of styles, colours and finishes, new windows and doors can significantly improve the overall aesthetic qualities of any property.

Finding Potential Suppliers

Using the internet can means multiple benefits as most good window installation specialists have professional looking websites showing their products. Using your favoured search engine, type in ‘new windows and doors Oxfordshire‘ or something similar, which should give you a listing of local companies. Take some time to view many of their websites, noting any supplier or a specific product you might prefer. To see how well their previous clients rate them, it may also be good to cross-reference any potential installer with customer feedback websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo.

Looking At The Different Materials

The window frames you choose should complement the style of your home, whether it is a modern or traditional property, manufactured from three primary materials, each with its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them now –


If you require natural beauty, then there is no comparison. Timber is a popular choice with homeowners; it is environmentally friendly, durable and available in any style. An excellent insulator keeps the home warm in winter while also being cool in the summer months; they are top of the list in providing improved aesthetic qualities and improving the value of your property. Timber window frames are more expensive and require proper regular maintenance; they are also susceptible to pests and insects.


This type of window frame has a high energy efficiency level and requires little or no maintenance; its installation is less complicated than other materials. They can be finished in various colours and styles and are a superb option for those who have budgetary constraints. Windows made from these materials do suffer from possible sagging as it is not as robust as others and can sometimes lack in the aesthetic department.


This material is a superb choice for newer modern homes with their sleek lines; aluminium windows are durable and have a high level of strength which lends them to larger window frames. The lightweight material is flexible and available in many unique styles and shapes; window frames made from aluminium are cheaper than their wooden counterparts. On the downside, it is the least energy-efficient material and can be susceptible to corrosion in certain situations, such as being near the coast.

Contacting Suppliers & Getting Quotations

Having completed plenty of research and acquired a good understanding of what is available, you can start to contact installation specialists and use their experience and design processes. Always procure at least three different quotes for your new windows; it may then be possible to negotiate the costs in your favour before making your decision.

I hope this valuable information has given you the confidence to proceed with your window replacement project. Hopefully, you’ll be able to enjoy your new windows for many years.

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