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Trying Asbestos Removal; You’d Better Have a Death Wish and Deep Pockets

Probably top of the list when it comes to really daft things that a person could do in Perth; removing asbestos-containing building products on their own, unless they are a professional, qualified expert of course. If you are in the process of upgrading or, making changes to your property the area of asbestos removal without the help of a qualified expert is completely out of the question and here’s why;

You will waste time and effort

If you employ the services of a specialist team in the first place then you won’t need to research which bits of equipment you need to purchase, waste time to assess your property to find out which materials contain asbestos nor would you have to go through a ‘trial and error’ stage of using the equipment and then trying to figure out how to remove the materials safely. Even the idea of trying to do this by yourself seems quite absurd.

A complete waste of money

Should you try asbestos removal in Perth, you should have extremely deep pockets because you will end up spending more than you would have done by calling in a pro. The reasons; you won’t have a clue which materials contain asbestos fibres unless you hire or buy the required tools and equipment, consider equipment to detect the asbestos in the first place, tools that will ensure that you don’t break any of the materials when removing the materials, safety equipment including breathing apparatus and suit as well as a suitable vehicle to take the removed items to… exactly, where on earth would you even take the stuff?

You are endangering the health of your family.

More crucially, asbestos fibres cannot be seen by eye and yet are easily taken into the lungs when inhaling, so if you do decide to make a stupid decision to try and do the job yourself and inevitably break any materials causing the fibres to be released into the air, you will not even realize you have breathed the fibres in. In most cases, it can take decades for the effects to start showing so you could be putting yourself and your families lives in danger without even knowing it!

The fibres primarily damage the lungs, where they can cause a variety of lung malignancies as well as other lung-related respiratory issues. These diseases may need the use of breathing apparatus, a lung transplant, or cause a fatality.

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