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Why Experience Matters in Furniture Repair


Even the most durable pieces of furniture will get nicks, scratches, dents, torn, and discolored over time. Upholstered furniture can get stained, faded, torn, or even broken without proper use. Now, although it is possible to DIY repair minor issues, repairing major damage is not always possible on your own. If you have to fix an expensive piece of furniture, it is recommended you search for “furniture repair near me” online to hire trained furniture repair professionals who can restore or repair them safely.

The Reasons

Here are a few reasons why it is important to hire furniture repair experts who have tons of experience repairing different types of furniture :

  1. It is easy to make a mistake without much experience – Many people who have some DIY experience believe that it is easy to repair furniture damage by watching a few YouTube videos or reading furniture repair guides. However, simply reading, watching, and following listed instructions can never be equal to the guidance received by professional furniture repair experts. This is because most people learn through experience after making mistakes.

Another reason is that you have to follow different sets of guidelines, and use different repair techniques, tools, and materials for fixing different types of furniture damage. For instance, old wood furniture can get damaged or destroyed due to watermarks and burns, get stained, dents, and scratches. Leather furniture can get tears, and scratches, and start to peel and flake. Upholstered furniture can get damaged due to pets, receive stains, get tears, and more.

Even minor mistakes such as applying the varnish incorrectly to wooden furniture can cause uneven layers that discolor the surface or bubbling. And, if you don’t follow the technical specifications and measurements correctly, it can lead to costly mistakes.

  1. Professionals are trained to handle different types of furniture repairs – Generally, reputed furniture repair professionals are multi-skilled technicians that are equipped to handle different types of furniture repairs and issues. These include fabric templating, fixing loose stitching, professional cleaning, leather craft such as damage concealment, color restoration, nourishment, and protection, wood restoration services such as scratch repair, and more.

The best part is that if you have any questions and concerns about the extent of the damage, the cost of repair or restoration, and how to protect the furniture from further damage, you can ask for their professional advice.

  1. Experts can repair the furniture safely – Major furniture repair and restoration involve the use of harmful chemicals, tools, and equipment that can pose a risk to your health and safety if not used properly. Experienced furniture repair professionals are trained to handle and use all sorts of cleaning chemicals, tools, and equipment to do their tasks safely. Plus, all the team members are trained in electrical safety guidelines for the proper usage of tools and equipment.

Traditionally, most homeowners don’t have access to such tools, and they need to rent them. If you don’t know how to check the condition of the tools properly, it can result in unnecessary accidents. However, trained professionals know how to maintain their equipment properly to avoid unpredictable accidents. Plus, they have the proper insurance which protects them and you from any liability in case of any unpredictable accidents.

  1. Professionals use different tactics to repair and restore furniture – There can be several reasons for repairing or restoring a piece of furniture to a new condition. Let’s look at a few of them below:
  • General Repairs – General furniture repair involves fixing furniture damage such as wear and tear, wood splintering, warped metal, etc., to make them functional once again. It is one of the major reasons to hire furniture repair experts. Typically, general repairs involve woodworking and carpentry including stripping, resurfacing, and sanding old surfaces. Plus, it can also include filling gaps and holes, lacquer, refinishing, staining, painting, varnishing, and more.Reupholstery is a special type of repair that involves repairing structure damage, covering, and padding.
  • Antique restoration to restore value – Repairing and restoring valuable antique pieces require a special set of knowledge, skill, and experience since it’s a delicate process. Plus, antique restorers often use special tools and techniques to perform the job.Such a service is required if you want to restore old family heirlooms and antique pieces to their former glory for personal use.
  • Buying, repairing, and reselling furniture to make a profit – Generally, auction houses and antique dealerships use such a strategy. They purchase old antique furniture that is in worn-out condition, hire reputed professionals to fix the damage and restore them, and then sell them for a profit.
  1. Furniture repair technicians are experienced in using different types of tools – Without proper experience, it is not possible to use the tools and cleaning materials required to repair and restore damaged furniture to a good condition. Let’s look at a few of those used by skilled professionals below:
  • Finishing and polishing – It is a simple process that involves the application of oil or wax on old furniture pieces to make them look shinier and enables them to have a smooth polish.
  • French polishing – It is one of the oldest furniture repair processes that is often used to repair old wooden musical instruments such as guitars, pianos, etc., to bring them back to a glossy finish. The experts use a rubbing pad and French polishing technique to coat the equipment with shellac and dissolved alcohol.
  • Stripping – In this repair process, a professional furniture repair man gently applies chemical strippers to remove the old and existing finish from wooden furniture.
  • Furniture re-canning – It is a special repair process that is used to make antique furniture beautiful and sturdy once again. It involves the use of canning materials such as wicker, splint, Hong Kong grass, rush, and more.


Whether you want to repair an old piece of heirloom antique furniture or refinish a modern furniture piece, you should never risk it by trying to repair them on your own. Even a simple mistake can cause irreparable damage to the furniture and cost you a lot of money. Thus, it is always recommended you hire experienced furniture repair professionals by searching “furniture repair near me” on Google.

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